12. Eva Holts - Messiah, 2021

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Opis obiektu

The Barbie Messiah moves on the surface of the snow like Christ on water. Her naked body covers her hair, as does the biblical Eve. However, she does not move on her hair, but on Barbie's heads, which are not visible because they are trampled in the snow. Barbie Messiah moves on heads.

About my practise: I have a figurative mindset, I completely trust my intuition when I create photos. I work with Barbie or other little dolls because they are like a person to me.

My English is not so gut, but I'm try to describe what I'm feeling now. 23.02 I come to Uzghorod by train. Just to visit this city (museums/cafes). On February 24, I changed my status from a tourist to a refugee in this city. I've booked a room in a flat. And in panic I bought medicines, food and some clothes, because I had only my passport and socks). My laptop and photo camera are left in Kyiv.

But my story is good. I have money for life, room and food. I've never heard the siren and I'm ashamed of this. Because it's my country and I have to share her grief and joy. I'm volunteer. Every day I do something to make life easier for my countrymen. I'm weaving camouflage nets, trying to find important medicines etc. I feel that my actions are insufficient and chaotic. On the other side, I believe in Ukraine and Ukrainians. The truth with us and we will drive out the occupiers. And I am really thankful for all people in this world who help us.
Thank you too.

And I worry about my friends in Kyiv and parents in Chernihiv. 

- Eva Holts 

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Eva Holts (1994)
Messiah, 2021

fotografia barwna, papier / 60 x 40 cm
ed. 1/10

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Artyści Ukraińscy dla Ukrainy

niedziela, 13 marca 2022, godz. 13:00
Dom Aukcyjny Polswiss Art
ul. Wiejska 20, Warszawa

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